1900-1909 Decade of Travel

by Caleb Burkhart

Top 10 Highlights of Travel

Top 10 Descending

10. 1st Person to reach the North Pole-1909 an African American reached the North Pole, sparking interest in the challenge of going to the Poles.

9. 1st country to hand out driver's licenses-1906 the first driver's license is given out, changing the roads to make them safer from uneducated drivers.

8. 1st license plate is issued-1903 the first license plate is given out to help identify cars in an instant

7. Queensboro Bridge built-1901 the bridge was built to connect parts of NY, making travel between the places faster

6. Siberian Railway-1904 the railway connected places that were very far apart and allowed the transportation of goods and people long distance.

5. General Slocum Sinks-1904 the passenger ship General Slocum sinks, showing that boats aren't unsinkable as people once thought.

4. Ford Motor Company-1903 the Company is founded and the company still runs today.

3. 1st wireless message-1903 the first wireless message is sent, changing the way we communicate long distance.

2. Ford Model T-1908 the first car is built, cutting down travel time and allowing Americans to be "on the go."

1. Orville and Wilbur Wright fly first plane-1903 the plane was built and although it only flew for a few seconds, sparked a new interest in air travel.

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1908 Movies and Songs

Music- Take me out to the Ballgame by Albert Von Tilzer and Jack Norworth.

Movies- The Adventures of Dolly, with Gladys Egan as Dolly.