The Musical Wolf

By: Christopher Coll

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Most Embarrassing Moment

The most embarrassing moment for him was when his mother told the king about his fiance and his mother fainted.

Most Memorable Moment

The most memorable moment was when Mozart out did salieri's intro piece when Mozart first met the king

What Motzart would lisen, read, and watch today

. He would probably listen to dubstep and skrillex since you can make all different types of that music

. He would love to watch the three stooges or step brothers since he loves to laugh

. Mozart would probably read a book called "I Funny" by James Patterson since it's hilarious probably gor him

Something salieri's said about mozart that reveals mozart’s character

. One time Salieri told motzart that his music creations are to long that would make the king sleep. Which revealed Mozart's disappointed emotions and asks for help.