Mrs. Kirchner's 3rd Grade Leaders

September 26, 2015

Writer's Workshop

We are learning how to add dialogue to our personal narratives this week. We will also emphasize on puntuation, spelling and capitalization. The most important thing is that they concentrate on these components of writing during the editing process. As stated before we haven't focused a lot on these things yet because their words are the most important part of the writing during the drafting stage.


We discussed rounding this past week. Overall, I think most seem to be grasping the concept. We will touch on this content throughout the year.

This week our focus will be addition and subtraction problems. I will be sending home some strategies that will help assist your child in solving these types of problem. They used most of these strategies last week. We encourage that they use the number line and break-away strategy mostly this year.

Reader's Workshop

We will begin our emphasis on Character Traits. As you are reading with your child ask them to describe the characters in the story. We really want to expand their vocabulary. We don't want them to only use the word "nice" to describe a character. They will have a copy of character traits in their book boxes, but I will also be sending home a copy in their purple folders, so you can use it at home.
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What Good Readers Do When Reading!

What's for Lunch this Week?

Monday: Breakfast: Sausage or Chicken

Tuesday: Spaghetti or Chicken Fillet

Wednesday: Asian Chicken Nuggets or Rib-b-que

Thursday: Veggie Beef Soup with Grilled Cheese or Peanut Butter and Jelly

Friday: Pizza or Chicken Nuggest

Classroom Jobs

Manager: Cooper

Assistant Manager: Addison

Janitor: Baylie

Messenger: Zoey

Lunch Count Manger: Kaitlyn

Cafeteria Monitor: Reese

Pet Helper: Will

Librarian: Kyleigh

Pencil Sharpener: Chloe

Line Leader: Alex

Door Holder: Baylie

Hallway Monitor: Alicia

Boy Bathroom Monitor: TJ

Girl Bathroom Monitor: Kenzie

Board Cleaner: Lillian

Desk Inspector: Evan

Closet Manager: Isiah

Supply Manager: Peyton

Substitute: Tommy

Reminder: It is a 1:00 dismissal on Friday!


Thursday, Oct. 1st, 9:30am

Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

HES Family Literacy Night

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 6pm

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

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