Game Grid

You only live once


Here at GameGrid, we offer exclusive opportunities for gamers of all platforms to come and interact with other gamers of the same general community. We create a competitive vibe for players to come and perform to the best of their abilities to win awards and other great prizes including money, free access to games before they’re released.


At GameGrid, not only do we offer massive competitive gaming arenas, but a large gaming section for the general public. Not everyone is professional and we realize that, so we have created a large area for normal console and computer gamers. We also offer one of the most entertaining and exciting sports in the world, Paintball. We also have a marketplace where we offer state of the art gaming technologies such as top notch computers and graphics cards and sale the most recently released and hottest games.

Market mix

Product- consoles, top of the line computers, newest games, newest and fastest technology. The best paintball markers and other gear.


- Here in Roanoke. The easy access provides an outstanding location for entertainment. The population of this town is so diverse in age that this location will provide an outstanding amount of income, which in turn will lead to profit.


GameStop, Social media, Hosting tournaments, sponsoring game production, Getting sponsored from game producers such as EA Sports, 2K games, Activision Blizzard, Infinity Ward.


Game sessions Morning session : $10 afternoon session : $12 night session : $15 Paintball 1st package includes a mask and a gun for only $15 2nd package comes with a mask a gun and ammo for $30 3rd package comes with an upgraded gun a mask ammo and acces to are buffet for $55.Specials Are stay all day pass for game sessions cost $25. Are Monthly card is $120. For each month you buy you get 10 percent off. A total of 50 percent off.BuffetKids: $8Adults: $12.00

Objectives and target market

At Game Grid we hope to reach Gamers of all types to come and join and play games with no worries of lag or making noise. We encourage everyone to come in and join with groups of friends for tournaments and have fun and win prizes. Our store will offer a wide range of computer parts and games. Not everyone is good at gaming and we strive for people to come in and get a taste of what it’s like to be competitive. We want to be receiving exclusives that others don’t receive and provide sneak peeks on new games and upgrades. You are able to test out and play on top notch computers so that you are persuaded to buy from our store.                 We plan to reach the young generation of gamers (12-30), because they are the most engaged.It would also be easier to promote and expand ourselves through them.

S.W.O.T Analysis

Strengths- •             Unique•             Diverse in gaming types•             Recreational (Paintball)•             Available online membership•             Location•             All ages•             Juice Bar•             Food court               Weaknesses-•             Cost •             Not very Diverse food court •             Not controllable issues (internet, connections, ext.)•             Flocculating business  Opportunities-•             Different Sports•             New Structures•             Sponsorships•             Advertising Threats-•             Chuck-E-Cheese•             Main  Event •             Competition’s Paintball Arenas