March is Woman's History Month!

Tuesday edition of Monday Memo, March 15, 2016

Did you know...

On March 8, 1911, Europe lead the world in celebrating it's first International Woman's Day. There were many organizations formed focusing their agendas on many political hot topics, such as voting and women suffrage. Unfortunately, when the Great Depression and World War II hit, women's rights went out of fashion and after the war, woman went back to their position as housewife, giving up any type of professional and/or intellectual aspiration. Wow!

Dates to Note:

Tuesday, March 15:
  • No indoor Golf Practice
  • Oak Farm High School Conversation Continues 6-7:30 pm @ Middle School

Wednesday, March 16:

  • Lower Elementary Science Fair 6-7 pm @ Lower Elementary (both buildings)
  • Outdoor Golf Practice Begins! 4-5:30 pm @ Cobblestone Golf Course
  • Cross-Stitching Club (last session) 3:30-4:30 pm @ Red Barn

Thursday, March 17:

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • First night of Track Practice 3:45-5 pm @ Middle School
  • SteAm club (last session) 3:30-4:30 pm @ Art Center
  • Transitioning to High School: A Conversation with High School Freshman 6-7:30 pm @ Middle School

Friday, March 18:

  • Oak Farm's Got Talent - Talent Show! 1-2:45 pm @ Oak Farm Art Center

Monday, March 21:

  • Outdoor Golf Practice 4-5:30 pm @ Cobblestone Golf Course

Wednesday, March 23:

  • No Golf Practice
  • School Closed to all Students, Parent/Teacher Conferences Begin 11am-7pm Campus Wide

Thursday, March 24:

  • School Closed to all Students, Parent/Teacher conferences continue 8am-4pm, Campus Wide

Friday, March 25 - April 4:

  • School Closed to all Students - Good Friday and Spring Break!

Small Fry Banter...

(Students working on Math with 3 digit number)

Teacher, "Do you want me to read you this number?"

Student, "Yes"

Teacher, "246"

Student, "Wow, is that how old you are?"

Teacher, "Kinda, Minus 200!"

A Moment With Macy......

Can you guess who the celebrity is in his yearbook picture?


Macy will be sending each classroom a list this week of which students have purchased a yearbook. We thought you would want to have this information in case any parent or student asks. You can also refer them to Macy in case there are other questions. Yearbooks cost $25 and we will be sending home a flyer on how to order.


The route we went in the fall was a hit.... parents & teachers all liked the shift of having a sack lunch delivered to your classroom the two days of conferences rather than a bunch of food in each building. Macy will be sending out a "sign-up genius" form for parents to choose when and whom they would like to feed. Once there is someone signed up for your classroom, Macy will let you know who so you can let them know directly of any dietary restrictions.

Please note, that due to the teachers having a VERY busy schedule these days (and every day, really!), only the classroom teachers will benefit from this. Specialists & Admin... anyone want to organize a pot-luck?! :)


March's newsletter will be published next Thursday. Please send articles and photos to Macy ASAP - no later than Monday afternoon. Thank you!

The Importance of Disaster Prevention....

March can be the beginning of tornado season, so here are some important tips to remember:


Alerts will be done via tornado siren, air horn, or verbal announcement using phone page, radio page or in person.

Tornado Shelter Areas (All Safe refuge supplies are to be stored in these locations)

  • Victorian Farmhouse - Multi Purpose Room
  • Red Barn - Basement
  • Green Farmhouse - Basement
  • Upper Elementary - Basement
  • Middle School - Basement
  • Art Center - Bathrooms

Procedures - Teachers, Co-Teachers, Assistants, & Specialists

  • Get Attendance book, hand-held radios & emergency bag
  • Inspect bathrooms and other classroom area for students
  • Instruct students to line up for evacuation to the tornado shelter and do a head count.
  • Lead the students to the appropriate tornado shelter. If possible, have one faculty member lead the students remain in line and are accounted for.
  • Keep students quiet and calm.
  • At the tornado shelter, verify head count.
  • If tornado is imminent, instruct everyone to "duck and Cover".
  • Report any missing or injured students to Crisis Response Team via hand-held radio or phone page.
  • Remain with students.
  • Listen for further instructions via hand-held radio or phone page.
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A Bit with Brenda....

Positive Discipline classes start on April 5th. It will run every Tuesday from 6:00-7:30 for seven weeks. If you have parents who inquire and/or have parents that would benefit, please mention it at the parent/teacher conferences. There is still plenty of room to sign up!!

Lifting it up with Lori Z.!

It is hard to believe but Spring is here!


The first Track Practice starts Thursday night @ the Middle School @ 3:45. So bring your running Shoes, shorts and be ready to go!


Outdoor golf is here! Starting this week Golf will be outdoors! Whoopeeee!!

Sitting Spot Word of the Week:

Courageousness (Noun):

A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger of pain without showing fear.

Please take some time and watch the video below. Some thoughts to chew on! (This applies to men too!!)

March Birthdays!

3/1: Heather Lemmon

3/5: Krissy Mulholland

3/23: Tia Matney

3/26: Mary Todd

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love!

-Mother Teresa