Westmead Children's Hospital

Help Children who are Sick

What We Do

Westmead Children's Hospital helps children by having fundraisers to save money to help prevent cancer and other problems. Ronald McDonald House Charities supports Ronald McDonald Houses and lots of other projects that directly help ill children lead happier and healthier lives.

How can People Help the Children's Hospital?

People can start little fundraisers to help all kids in need. They donate to this charity to help raise loads of money. There is also a fundraiser called Bandaged Bear. Bandaged Bear supports Westmead Children's Hospital so that people can sell them to raise money.

Interesting Facts

A world-first clinical trial has increased the survival rate for the most common childhood cancer. Westmead Children's Hospital cares for over 60,000 sick children and their families each year. Since its inception in 1995 a very special program, Operation Art combines the creative spirit of children with their desire to do something to help other kids. With the 24th annual Bandaged Bear Appeal running throughout the month of March, The Children's Hospital at Westmead's beloved mascot is asking the community to hold a Bandaged Bear Breakfast at school, at home or at work to support the Hospital's largest fundraising appeal.