Family Inquirer

Week of 3/15/21

Greetings ICEF Innovation Families,

We hope this newsletter finds you SAFE and WELL!

Some of our TK-2 students are returning to campus for Hybrid learning! We have sent Class Dojo messages individually to each student whose family opted in for Hybrid learning. All other students will remain Fully Virtual. If your child has NOT been tested, and are in COHORT A, please keep them home and have them log on for virtual learning. Please ensure you register your child for testing this week, so they can join us for Hybrid learning next week. If you child is in COHORT B, they must be tested by Tuesday, in order to join us for Hybrid learning on Thursday. If you have any questions about if your child will be allowed on campus on Monday, please call the main office.

We would like to help you with testing. Those students who opted into Hybrid learning can be tested during the school day, while on campus. We will give you a testing waiver to sign on your first day. This will give us permission to test your child while they are at school. You do NOT need to be present. This is completely optional. If you would prefer to be with your child when they test, you can continue to bring them to the campus on your own. Remember that students testing is mandatory and must be done every week!

We are asking for your patience in advance. The first day will be very busy. We MUST take temperatures, ask health questions, and get waivers signed. Please be patient as you wait. I do not anticipate that you will have to wait more than 5 minutes, but do be prepared to wait. As a reminder, do not leave children until you are sure they have been cleared to be on campus. Valet is the best way to go, if you have a car. If not, the pedestrian gate will be open to receive students. Please be reminded that families will NOT be allowed on campus; only students! This is true for both arrival and dismissal.

Be sure to read the Family Inquirer in its entirety. If you have any questions, please reach out to the main office.

Have a PRODUCTIVE week!

IILA...Planting Seeds for All to Grow! --- Stick Together! Grow Together!

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IILA Reopening Video

Grab your child and take a look at our reopening video. It will help them get to know us and the procedures they will have to follow, while on campus, at the same time. Enjoy!

ICEF Innovation Staff Spotlight

Keith Long, 1st Grade Teacher

This is Mr. Long's 20th year teaching. Born and raised in New York, he came to LA in 2003 and has been teaching in South LA ever since. He has been teaching 1st Grade at ICEF Innovation for 8 years now. He is passionate about what he does. He loves being with the kids and can't wait for things to get back to normal. He misses the smiles, the laughter, the hugs and the love.

Important Dates

14th - Daylight Savings Time - Spring forward 1 hour

15th - TK-2 Hybrid students return today 8:30 - 11:30AM

15th - All Hybrid & Virtual classes are 8:30AM - 1:45PM

15th - Grab & Go Pick-up

17th - St. Patrick's day (wear green)

18th - Grab & Go Pick-up 8:30 - 11:30AM

18th - Everything you want to know about Vaccines@ 4PM-Registration required

24th - Character Award Ceremony 8AM

25th - Embrace the Mind Workshop

26th - Pupil-Free Day-No School

29th - Spring Break (3/29 - 4/2)

April 2 - Spring Picture Day & 5th Grade Promotion Pictures 9am - 12pm

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Visiting ICEF Innovation Campus

When visiting ICEF Innovation Campus during normal business hours, you must call the main office to make an appointment. When arriving, please call (323) 290-6997 and a staff member will come and meet you at the gate. They will ask you questions and take your temperature. Please have your identification with you. This is a part of our safety protocol so we ask for your patience.

This procedure does not apply to Drop-off and Pick-up. Parents will not be allowed on campus during these times. Staff will be responsible for directing your children to their classrooms during Drop-off and they will escort them to you during Pick-up. Feel free to call the office if you have any questions.

Myths and Truth about Vaccines

Thursday, March 18th, 4pm

This is an online event.

Let's find out the truth about vaccines from Kaiser Pediatrician, Dr. David Bronstein. You must register to attend this event. Submit your questions and Dr. Bronstein will address them during his presentation.

Registration Link

Student of the Month Awards

Student of the Month February

Open Enrollment is for new Students ONLY

The links below are for families interested in enrolling a new student. Current students do not need to complete anything at this time.



Please post Open Enrollment on your social media networks and refer your neighbors, relatives and friends who are interested in joining our family. We are also offering Incentives to Parents who refer new students to our school. Each Parent that refers a new student who enrolls and stays enrolled for at least 3 months will receive a Thank you gift and will be included in a drawing for a grand prize scheduled for Oct. 15th, 2021. Feel free to call the Main Office with any questions. (323) 290-6997

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Our STEM program has exciting lessons to share with the students, but they have to be there to enjoy them. Please take a look at the attached video to find out more about our STEM program and make sure your child attends his/her weekly class.

STEM to the Future Sample Lesson Video

Lexia & Achieve 3000: (ICEF Core Values of COMMUNITY, EQUITY, and GROWTH)

Students should logon to Lexia (TK-3rd and some 4th and 5th graders), and Achieve 3000 (4th and 5th only) daily. These programs allow students to practice reading and reading comprehension, improving on their skills and being exposed to a variety of different texts to include fiction and non fiction. Make it a habit to ask your children if they are using these programs. You can also see how they are progressing by looking at their accounts or reaching out to their classroom teacher to get a comprehensive report.

Progress Reporting Period: (ICEF Core Values of COMMUNITY, EQUITY, and GROWTH)

T2 is over! It is progress report time. Take a look at the Google Classroom to make sure your child has ALL of their assignments turned in. Teachers will be finalizing grades this weekend. Any assignments submitted after Sunday, will not be counted in the T2 grades. If you have any questions about your child's grades, please reach out the your child's teacher.

SBAC Parent Post

This link (English/Spanish-page 2) gives you a brief look at what the SBAC looks like. You can always visit the CAASPP website and find sample questions and practice tests your child can take.

We will continue this section, for our 3rd-5th grade families through May, after testing is complete. Feel free to reach out to Mrs. Jundef (, Mr. Rodriguez (, Ms. Clark (, or Ms. McGee ( with any SBAC related questions.

We are here for you!

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Operations and Logistical

Waivers & Release forms

If your child is in Hybrid Learning, we must receive a signed Wavier before they come to school. If you have access to print the form from home or work, please print and sign it. You have give to a staff person when you child starts school next week. If you are not able to print it, we will provide the form for you. There is also a release form for allowing your child access to COVID testing here on campus.


You can use the link below to schedule your appointment. ICEF Innovation will have testing every Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm - 4pm. This link will be the same from week to week, so feel free to sign up early. Reminder: Students participating in Hybrid Learning must be tested weekly. Students must register for testing as well. If you would like your child to be tested while on campus, please complete and sign the release form below. You may also get the form from the main office.

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IILA Data Spot

Our school-wide goal is to get 80% usage Lexia and 2 lessons/week on Achieve 3000 on a consistent bases. Please encourage your children to log on daily to reach their goals. They will be rewarded with class-wide incentives like certificates, Dojo points, and shout-outs! We can reach our goal, if we continue to encourage our children.

IILA...Planting Seeds for All to Grow!


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Achieve 3000

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Embrace the Mind/Mindful Moments

There are some wonderful things happening with our Embrace the Mind program. We invite all family members to attend!

Workshops coming soon!

English Language Learner (ELL) Chronicles!

In this section we will highlight the language and culture of our English Language Learners and their families. I would love to share your stories with the school community. Feel free to email stories, pictures, or examples of how you see the language and culture of our ELLs and their families incorporated in the learning environment.

ELL Chronicles From Our Staff:

When teaching word parts, Mrs. Perryman made sure to show the students how to do a google image search to find a visual to match definitions! - Ms.Clark

A student that has had many challenges with his camera seemed to race to raise his hand to read, answer questions, and take the initiative to select an answer during math time.

- Ms. Farrow


Kool & The Gang - Celebration (Official Music Video)

Shout out to...

...Families who posted our enrollment efforts on their social media

...Families who attended the ICEF-Wide Reopening Town Hall Meetings

...Families who have already participated in COVID testing

...Students who have participated in ELPAC testing (and the families who supported them)

...Mrs. White and Mrs. Gibson for their continued work with intervention groups on campus this week

...Members of the leadership team for supporting families on campus this week

...Ms. Maner for supporting families this week

...Mr. Juan for keeping our school site cleaned and sanitized

...Students who are doing a great job on campus

...Our families who participated in IEP meetings this week

Please feel free to email me your SHOUT OUTS at I will place them in The Inquirer for all to see!

School-Wide Expectations

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Daily Reminders – every day please remember to do the following:

  1. Make sure your child's learning environment is clean and ready for the next day of learning
  2. Make sure you have shut down and put away your child's device in a safe place
  3. Ask questions if you have them
  4. Check in with each family member and ask about their day
  5. Do something kind for yourself or for someone else

Your IILA Staff

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ICEF Innovation Los Angeles

Jewell Pearson

Community Relations Coordinator