Marketing Research Anaylist

Advertising Globally


1. Maintain a College Degree in Business or Marketing

-After receiving a bachelor's degree, the next best step is to get a job in a firm. Usually first time jobs will have roles that serve as assistants.

2. While working at a firm and gaining experience, receive a master's degree can help to climb up the ladder.

There is no specific test that is required except for doing successfully doing the job and completing College.

Salary Range

Market research analysts in the top ten percent earned more than $111,440


This is a job that can be in many different fields. Obviously the main one is Marketing and Advertising. Figuring out ways to help the companies succeed in selling their products or services. The other fields this falls under is Human Anthropology, which is the study of Human Behavior. With some anthropology knowledge, the analyst can figure out why and how people choose to buy products.