Food and treats

Do you eat? Well,dogs do too! you should feed you dog once a day.Also,give your dog water.It is important to feed your dog to survie.There are two kinds of food dry dog food and wet dog food some dogs prefer wet dog food.You can also feed your dog treats.Your dog might like biscuits,bones,Frosty Paws and bacon bits.

water time

It is healthy to drink water. Other drinks can be unhealthy for a dog like chocolate milk and juice. Only puppies can drink milk.


toy time

To keep your dog active you need toys for your dog.Toys like frisbee,kongs and bones and more.Fun fact,if you are active you should get a active dog like, germane shepherds and golding reaterver and many many more!
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Dogs Playing in Snow - Funny!

cute dogs playing in the snow