Come to the Middle Colonies

We are the best colony you will ever live in.

Our Government System

In the middle colonies we have legislatures that make laws to protect the rights of our citizens. There are two types of legislative houses. The first one is the upper house, they are the advisors. The second one is the lower house, which is the elected assembly. The Governors who choose to ignore the assemblies will risk the chance of losing their salary.

Everyday Life in the Middle Colonies


In our daily lives in the middle colonies, small classes of children attend private schools or hire tutors for their children. Only the wealthy families can educate their children.

Religious Freedom In the Middle Colonies


People from all around the world come seeking religious freedom. Most people who come to the Middle Colonies are Catholic, Jews, and Protestans. The minimum percent are the other ones.

Geography In the Middle Colonies


The middle colonies are made up of pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and New Jersey. There are mountains on the western edge of the region. On the eastern edge of the region was the Atlantic ocean which makes it an ideal spot for fishing. The land is mostly flat but has some hills.



African slaves were in high demand, in the early years of the middle colonies. They were used for labor. One third of the Middle colonies' population was slaves.