Spring 2015 avid conference

by addison

My strengths as a 7th grade student are..

im good at doing my work in class. I really like math because i've gotten a lot better at it. I remember in the first semester that i did all my homework and didn't get behind on my work and i'm proud i did that. I've found i always wait till the last second to do things and i need to work on that.

My struggles as a 7th student are..

I need to work on getting my work done before hanging out with friends and going on my phone. In avid i need to work on getting my homework done EVERY night and not waiting to get it done till the last second and be too tired to get it done. Working to get my grades up is a must and in order to do that i need to do my work right when i get home and not put it off or procrastinate.
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My extra curricular involvements are..

My extra curricular involvements are important for my future because it teaches me to balance more than one thing at a time. My extra curricular activity is spirit squad. It is good for me because it helps me in P.E with exercise as well as keeping my grades at, at least average. We go to many soccer and other sports games to support team members. As well as performing at assemblies. I have learned that hard work and dedication pays off as well as how to be on time and work as hard as possible. Many collages want their students to be involved in extra curricular activities because its showing you involvement in school other than required work putting more effort into your schooling.

My GPA graph!

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My goals!

I have many goals but my big one is to get a 4.0 which is straight A's. Once i achieve that my goal will be to keep it up! Another would be to join another sport like soccer when the season comes up again. As well as maintain both sports or even 3 and continue a 4.0 GPA.