Deep and Dark and Dangerous

Mary Downing Hahn

Literary Elements

The plot summary is there was 2 girls( Clair and Dulcie ) at their lake house and one of the " friends " from the lake drowned. Dulcie the oldest went back to the lake house for inspiration on her art work. when she was older and the girl that drowned was " haunting " Dulcie's daughter and her niece who was there to babysit the daughter and daughter.

The conflict was the girl who drowned ( Teresa/Sissy ) wants Dulcie and Clair to tell the truth about what happened out on the canoe.

The main characters are Teresa, Ali, and Emma.

The setting was at Sycamore Lake.

The theme was Tell the truth.

The point of view was in first person. Ali was telling the the story.

The genre is fiction.

Do I recommend this book?

I do recommend this book. If you like mystery you will love this book. Evan If you don't I highly recommend this book to everyone. This is an amazing book, it has great details and keeps you interested.