Jeffries Weekly Update

May 9-13, 2016

This Week's Events:

Monday, May 9- Watch DOG: Justin Lawson; last fire drill; Teacher Request Forms due

Tuesday, May 10- 4th Grade Field Trip to the Frontier Theatre (approx. 9-2:30PM); Ronald McDonald "On the Inside" assembly for K-2 in the Cafeteria (1:00PM);

Faculty Mtg./Professional Learning from 4-5PM

Wednesday, May 11- Liz out all day (Principal Meetings)- Rachelle Certain is Teacher in Charge all day (sub. provided); All City Orchestra Concert at Glendale H.S. 7PM;

School Nurse Appreciation Day; McKenzie Boatright's Babies Shower (boy/girl twins!) 4:00PM in the Library

Thursday, May 12- Character Ed./Goal Setting Assembly with Real Encounter 9:30AM (outside if the weather is nice for K-5; in the gym if raining); Watch DOG: Brandon Essary.

Friday, May 13- Field Day (Color to Wear: K- Red, 1st- Green, 2nd- Blue, 3rd- Green, 4th- Blue, 5th-Red; Times: K-2 from 9:30-11:30 and 3-5 from 1:00-3:00- during opposite times, students can go in the gym for a movie). Student Lunch: Sack lunches with teachers (outside or in classrooms)- Bryan Pulcini and Brent Cook will have a walkie talkie and can relieve teachers for a bathroom break- just give them a call! Please send students/go through and get your lunches by 12PM; Class lists due to Liz; Watch DOGS: Steve Hanson & Cicero VanZandt. Note: 4th Quarter Grades MUST be entered by 8AM Monday, May 16!

Saturday, May 14- Ridgecrest presents: Jeffries Family Day (with Real Encounter)

10-12PM on the Jeffries Playground (free event for all). Happy birthday, Rachelle Certain!

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Upcoming Events

Monday, May 16- 2nd Grade to Chesterfield Park (1:30-3:00PM)

Tuesday, May 17- End of the Year Celebration Assembly (K-5)- 9:30AM & Perfect Attendance Lunch/Limo to Incredible Pizza (tentative) with Dr. Cooper;

Watch DOG: Ted Nickel & Damon Bess

Wednesday, May 18- All Staff (who are here all day) NEED TO Park on the Playground to provide ample room for guests. You will be locked in during the day and re-opened at dismissal; Talent Show 9:30AM; Kindergarten Graduation 1:00PM (Gym)

Thursday, May 19- All Staff (who are here all day) NEED TO Park on the Playground to provide ample room for guests. Last day of School; 5th Grade Graduation (11AM for 5th grade students and their parents only).

Friday, May 20- All staff should have their room closed out for the summer by 4:00PM. Those who are moving rooms should have all items packed or labeled to where they should be moved to.

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We are on the MOVE!

Moves Over the Summer (updated 4-15-16- tentative)

  1. Music will be in the current Computer Lab.

  2. Trisha Baugh will be moving into Rm. 111 (currently Coughenour’s Rm.)

  3. Tiffany Coughenour will be moving into Rm. 112 (currently King’s Rm.)

  4. Tracy Livingston will be moving into Rm. 114 (currently Baugh’s Rm.)

  5. Madeline Whitaker will be moving into Rm. 118 (currently Taylor’s Rm.)

  6. Dody McDaniel will be moving into Office/Rm. 115 (currently Livingston’s Rm.)

  7. Jana Payne will be moving into Office/Rm. 131 (currently McDaniel’s Rm.)
  8. Julie Allen will be moving into Rm. 116 (currently Heckert's Rm.)
  9. Bethany Hubbell will be moving into Rm. 105 (Currently J. Allen's Rm.)
10. Hannah Sparkman will be moving into Bethany Hubbell's current Rm. 101

11. Megan Sheets will move into Rm. 102 (Sparkman's Rm.)

2016-2017 Recommendations for Class Placements (from teachers)

  1. Do not work on them prior to Teacher Requests forms, etc. are in! Due Fri., May 6

  2. I am anticipating having tentative teaching assignments in place by April 25.

  3. Teacher Requests forms will be available from May 2-5th; due May 6.

  4. Class Recommendation Lists need to be completed the week of May 9.

Due Friday, May 13 to Liz Cooper. Include Dody (ELL) & SPED for placement needs.

Model Classroom Observations (Part of IGNiTE Expectations- Year 2 Deployment)

  1. IGNiTE Model Classroom Updates- Julie, Bethany & Tabitha

  2. Observation Reflection Tool

  3. All Teachers Sign Up for an Observation Time! (Note: Dates/times subject to change)

Ask your questions here! Please use this Google Doc. to ask questions so Julie, Bethany & Tabitha can answer them and everyone can see common questions/answers.

End of the Year- I NEED YOUR HELP!

  1. EOY Highlights/Celebration Video- everyone who has a celebration that we can highlight (Donor’s Choose projects awarded; Imagine SPS Grant awarded; Master’s degrees obtained; fun field trips you took; IGNiTE model classrooms; clubs you had this year; etc.)

  1. Click on this Google Slides and insert your info. on the slide- title, pictures, info. about celebration. DUE: May 1!

  2. These will be shown prior to major big events (EOY assembly; Talent Show; Graduation; etc.)

2. EOY Assembly Video- LEARN*LIVE*LEAD Together (showcasing ALL teachers and ALL students)- In the past, I have put together this video to show at the end of the year assembly (which will be on Tuesday, May 17). I need your help. Please click on this Google Slide presentation and upload pictures so that ALL of your students are included. If you have some staff pictures that you would like to include as well, that would be great! Each teacher can have 1-5 slides. Don’t worry about media release blocks as we are not releasing this video to anyone else- it is for school use only.

DUE: May 10!

Growth Plans

  1. Everyone needs to go in and do their self reflection on their 3 goals. Please refer to the Help tab (in TOWER), and click on the Growth Guide to know what each # stands on (so you know what number reflects your Growth this year. Write in under EOY Reflection on things you have done this year to grow in these areas.

  2. Email Liz when you are done so she can go in and finalize.

  3. Next year, we will have 2.2, 6.4 & ? (TBD) for next year’s Growth Plan.

Summer School Rooms (Tenatative- subject to change & different ones will be used in July)- Ms. Baugh will email out the July list when available.

Wonderful Me (K)- Jessica Worden- Rm. 138 (Mrs. Bratanov's Rm.)

Super Hero Camp (1st)- Shelly Sawchak- Rm. 107 (Mrs. Sawchak's Rm.)

Super Hero Camp (1st)- Lucie Rogers- Rm. 106 (Mrs. Marlatt's Rm.)

Camp Curious (2nd)- Julie Allen- Rm. 116 (Mrs. Allen's new room)

Camp Curious (2nd)- TBD- Rm. 117 (Ms. Eutsler's room)

Splash! (3rd)- Rachel Dutton- Rm. 119 (Mrs. Hood's room)

Splash! (3rd)- Wendolyn Felton- Rm. 118 (Ms. Taylor's room)

BotBuilder- (4th)- Caitlyn Mercado- Rm. 124

BotBuilder (4th)- Morgan Fonda- Rm. 122 (Mrs. O'Dell's room)

Night at the Museum (5th)- Mrs. O'Dell- Rm. 123 (Mrs. Eberhart's room)