Read If Korean Only!

The Imperial Army- A name that inspires respect and implies that the army is quite honorable yet this is what Japan calls its army which is a flat out lie because the imperial army only gets respect because they have guns and you my fellow Koreans have none, and them being honorable…. do i even have to explain…. yes i feel like i do, they are simply bullies as was shown when at a neighborhood accounting an Imperial soldier pushed an old woman to the ground and beat her because she didn’t know the Japanese word for Six, Roku, need I say more? Yes i fear that if we do not continue our traditions they will be lost as other countries have, even if it was only a part of their cultures it's still exactly what a prat of their culture! therefore my fellow Koreans we must continue these traditions without fear of the consequences the Japanese will bestow upon us if we are discovered.Otherwise we will plant only cherry trees and make that our national tree not the actual one, the rose of Sharon tree which is the only true national tree of Korea. And what about our language, Only the Elders know it none of the children and it is illegal to teach them but I say teach them without fear because in order to survive under Japanese rule we must stand firm in our traditions and if we do that the Japanese will never get us to submit to their rule.