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November 23, 2020

Welcome to Our School!

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From Mrs. Healey

It's hard to believe that we have been facing a pandemic since March. I'm sure all of us can relate on some level to the term "pandemic fatigue". During this time, it might be difficult to focus on those things for which we are grateful. With Thanksgiving upon us, it's a great time to remember to focus on those things. I, for one, am thankful for all the parent support and for the incredible work being done by our kindergarten staff to increase the time spent at school for students while mitigating risk. I also appreciate the support from my own family. I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!
Upcoming Kindergarten Schedule

How can parents and care givers who transport their children help with the efficient arrival and dismissal of students?

  • Thank you to those parents that have abided by the check in times: 1:45-2:00 is strictly for families picking up students at multiple schools on those hybrid A/B days and 2:00-2:15 are all other families.
  • Even those who are new to our arrival and dismissal have done a great job with "Stop, Drop and Go".
  • I'm happy to announce that by Friday, we were in more of our regular timeframe for both arrival (by 7:50) and dismissal (by 2:30).
  • Just some reminders...all students should be ready with masks, coats and book bags when exiting the car.
  • Students must exit the side closest to the sidewalk.
  • If you need extra time to say your "good-byes" please pull into the parking lot so other parents can maintain their busy schedules.
  • EVERYONE must have a mask on while on school property.

What is the plan if the Kindergarten Academy would need to go to a full remote model?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen an increase in the impact of COVID-19 across our region. This increase is affecting many neighboring districts and even recently moved our own Middle School to pivot to a short-term full-remote model. While our school does not demonstrate a need to move to a full-remote phase right now, we know the impact of COVID can change quickly in our communities. We have been hard at work throughout the summer and fall to plan for the need to pivot to a fully remote environment should it be necessary. As we see spread increase around our region and other schools shift to a full-remote model, I want to share with you a general outline of our plans, so you have a better understanding of what would be ahead should a move become necessary. Obviously, if we would need to pivot, we would be in touch with even greater detail at that time with more specifics, times, and instructions.

If our school needs to pivot to full remote, students would have a combination of synchronous (scheduled live online with a teacher) and asynchronous (remote work completed without direct teacher support) learning opportunities across the week. We would maintain a model where we would provide synchronous instruction to students on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday which mirrors our Increased Face-to-Face model. Wednesdays would remain the same with a whole group lesson followed by student/small group check-ins. Fine and applied arts teachers (Art, Music, PE, Library) would offer synchronous lessons that students may join, as well as provide other remote activities as they do now. Students who receive intervention and/or related services would continue to do so in individual or small group remote sessions.

We are in a much better position if we need to move to a full-remote model than we were last spring! We have been so fortunate to be able to get to know students in small groups. We have made the most of every face-to-face moment with students and believe we’ve set them up for success if we must spend some time teaching remotely. We have a much better understanding of how to engage students during remote instruction and worked to identify the most important content for each grade. We hope it doesn’t happen; but if it does, please know we have a plan and will continue to do our very best to keep students growing and learning.

How is the Parent Advisory Council supporting the school?

Our Parent Advisory Council met on Nov. 17th. The minutes from the meeting are provided by, Jill Hollick and Erin Miller and listed below . PAC is acting on the hospitality, the spirit wear sale and the yearbook committees at this point. Thanks to the parents who have offered to help with these committees. We still need a lot more help with the hospitality and the yearbook committees. Please consider volunteering so we can make this the best year possible. Our next meeting will be held on January 19th via Zoom. A link will be sent out closer to that date.

Mark Your Calendars!

November 24th

  • PJ Day

November 25th

  • Remote Learning Day

November 25th-30th

  • Thanksgiving Break

December 1-4th

  • All Face to Face Days