Positive Paws

Pawsitive News from the Lincoln Tigers

Mission and Vision of Lincoln Elementary School District #156

Mission: To provide a nurturing environment and curriculum that meets the diverse needs to foster student growth.

Vision: Providing quality education that yields successful citizens.

We are a PBIS School

Lincoln Elementary School is a PBIS school which stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. This approach focuses supporting your child's social emotional behavior (SEB), academic success and the culture and climate of a school. This is an evidence based approach that focuses on rewarding positive behaviors. The PBIS team will look at discipline data to find behavioral trends before creating rewards and interventions to promote the desired behavioral outcomes. For example, if the team notices that there are an increasing number of students who are tardy to school, we would design an intervention to promote being on time. This initiative will be most successful with a partnership between the school and home. Each month we will publish a newsletter to inform you of our happenings regarding PBIS and provide tips and tricks for ways you can support PBIS at home.

The 4 B's

In an effort to have consistent expectations of behavior for all our students, we have developed the 4 B's. These expectations are easy enough for all students to understand and remember but can be made to include specific behavioral expectations for various locations in the school such as the classroom, bathroom, gym or hallway. Please help support the 4 B's by using this language at school. The more we reinforce this language, the more consistent and positive our students behavior will be.

The 4 B's are...

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Kind

Classroom Paws

When a staff member catches a class doing something great, they will be rewarded a Classroom Paw. The Paws are displayed in the classroom, and one a class gets to 25, they get a pizza or ice cream party!

How can you support the 4 B's at home?

The more consistent with expectations for our students the better the outcome. By using the 4 B's language at home, you will be reinforcing the expectations we have at Lincoln. Your family can come up with your own language on what the 4 B's look like and sound like at home. What does being Respectful and Responsible look like and sound like in your home? What does being safe and kind mean? You and your family can discuss and determine these expectations and implement them as you see fit.


Be Respectful: Using manners, saying please and thank you, Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am.

Be Responsible: Making sure chores and homework are completed before play time

Be Safe: Washing hands before brushing teeth, or use walking feet in the house

Be Kind: Be polite when reminded about bedtime or sharing toys with a siblings.