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May 2017 Awesome Tech Tools for Teachers

Check out the Library Webpage for a collection of favorite technology applications in the classroom. From presentations to organization, videos to comics, photos to avatars, the opportunities are limitless for your students and you. Try one new resource each month and let me know what you think. Check them out here: or on the Library Webpage at

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Bloom's Taxonomy Has Gone Digital

Check out current teacher apps and tech tools that address all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy with a Digital Twist. Get your students learning at high levels while they incorporate technology! Just click on the ThingLink below.

Classroom Technology Tool of the Month: Create your very own ThingLink!

Are you having students explore a topic in depth and want them to incorporate images along with their text. Have them create a ThingLink to communicate their knowledge, interpretations, evidence, etc...

Check out lots of subject specific ideas and examples by clicking on the embedded links below.

ThingLink Image Examples: Science, Language Arts, Fake News

ThingLink 360⁰ Examples: Women’s Rights, Science

ThingLink Video Examples: Science, Digital Footprint,The Learning Brain: Fixed vs.

Growth Mindset

Interactive Video Lesson: Science

5 interactive tools to embed in a ThinkLink Video:

  1. Google Slides
  2. Google Forms
  3. Padlet
  4. Tackk (

Three Quick Steps to Make Your Very Own Thinglink

Follow steps #1-3 below for your first Thinglink creation.

Help Your Students Get Their Moovs On!

Want your students to create animated videos and presentations? Have them try Moovly, a free online video maker software platform that allows for easy editing and enhancement. They can choose a variety of animations, slide transitions, and colors as well as decide how long information stays up on the screen. Sound can be added as well.

Check Out These Moovlys

Click below for some Moovly demos

Just Be Happy...It's May and Summer is Almost Here!

Play your Happy below:)


Pharrell - Happy (Kaytranada Edition) by KAYTRANADA

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