This is D.A.R.E class

Getting Bullied

If your getting bullied,don’t go through it alone. Anybody can get bullied,and they can feel sad, hurt, sick,scared,lonely, and even embarrassed. Just think if all of these things were in one tiny bubble,that’s how if feels like when you are getting bullied.It just keeps on building,until you tell,but you you really don’t want the bully to get in trouble.But, don’t forget about kids, they are ones that get bullied,a lot. If you are feeling these things, you should tell someone, like your parents, or a trusted adult, or anybody in your family. At school, if you are getting bullied, parley a teacher, or anybody you trust. Just keep in mind, that you aren't alone when you’re getting bullied.

Drunk driving and Driving

Have you ever wondered if drunk driving and driving are different? Well………………..they are very DIFFERENT!!! When you're sober, you're driving in control, looking at the road, maybe listening to music. But, if you're drunk and driving,your sleepy, dizzy, you have black bags, under your eyes,you can’t drive right, you’re not at the road, and maybe your hair is messed up. But, drunk driving is more likely to get killed in, then just normal driving. Plus, you’re not driving in control, and drunk driving is more likely to get pulled over. When you’re drunk you feels like you can’t move anything that’s your body, which is true.These were the differences of driving and drunk driving.

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Bullying!!!!!!! You shouldn’t do it, but people still do, but that doesn’t mean you should do it. You shouldn’t bully, I mean it dude, don’t bully. I know you want to do it, to that very nerdy kid in your class, named Lily. But don’t do it. Don’t do it!!!!!! Anyway, to the facts. Why, I have been saying this is because bullying is so bad. You could scar someone for their life, and you can’t fix it, it’s like paper that’s burned, you can’t fix it. Plus, if you do this, the person that you bullied, they could start drinking. But, don’t start bullying when you’re an adult, nor you could go to JAIL!!! Plus, I bet you didn’t know this happens all over the world. One last thing, if you see someone that is bullying someone, they are maybe getting bullied their self.
From 1890, to 2015, their has been a lot bullying. In 1890, there was a lot of bullying, to the slaves, because they were black, but in 2015, there is way more, reasons why people bully. In 2015, it may be because some one is black, still or they are a nerd, or because they are very short. This is some reasons, why people bully other people,but if you want to know more about reasons why people, bully other people, there is many websites on the web you can look at, with someone,but don't look at websites that you aren't allowed to look at.


scar: means something that you can’t fix. jail: some pace where you go if you break a law. differences: is some way that two or more things are different. sober: is normal driving. parley: is a way to make peace with someone. trusted adult: is an adult that you trust

if you want to learn more, you should a dare teacher, or your mom and dad
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