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A Message from DCE Jaime Greene

Where did you go this summer?

When someone asks you this question, immediately you start to think about where you traveled over the summer. Maybe you took the trip of a lifetime, or cashed in on a Covid postponed vacation. Or maybe you took a family trip somewhere new, or packed everyone up and went to your favorite yearly destination. But maybe you didn’t travel anywhere. Maybe vacation time didn’t allow for it, or work got in the way, or your pinching pennies and didn’t want to blow it all just yet. This question gets a lot harder to answer when we’re focused on our answer being about where we traveled to this summer.

How many of you went to a beach? Or on a hike? How many of you hit up Target or Walmart this summer? Or the grocery store? See…you all went somewhere this summer! When we can clearly understand the question, without our own assumptions, it’s so much easier to answer.

The LCMS theme for this school year is “Making Disciples for Life”, based on the Great Commission found in Matthew 28, which says “Therefore go, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

This command from Jesus seems a lot like our opening question, doesn’t it? I read that we’re supposed to go into all nations and immediately my mind starts jumping to the people who need to hear about Jesus in the remote villages of Africa. And the ones who are putting their trust and hope in the wrong gods in Thailand or Mongolia. But Jesus’ command becomes so much easier to answer when we can clearly understand what he’s saying, without our own assumptions. All nations can be here in the United States. It can even be in Wisconsin. It can even be in Milwaukee. As church members, all nations are the people who we greet as they walk through our doors. As Christians, all nations are the people we come in contact with daily. We are given the most beautiful opportunity to share Jesus at all times and in all ways by showing others how much He loves them and how He died just for them.

Jesus was called “Rabbi” or teacher, and he had his own set of followers-His disciples. Those disciples weren’t left to their own devices or left trying to figure it out on their own. Instead, they took another of Jesus’ commands to heart, one found in Matthew 4:19 where Jesus says, “Come, follow me”. They followed Jesus and learned from Him, before going out into the world to make other disciples, other followers. YOU are a disciple of Christ. You got that title in your baptism and you’ve kept it every day since by taking to heart Jesus’ command to follow Him. Now, we get the privilege of making disciples this year and every year. It’s a big task, it’s scary, but what a joy it is to serve Him in all we do. So….come, follow Jesus. He’s got big things in store for us this year.

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"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,"

Matthew 28:19

The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod has chosen the above Bible verse as its theme for this school year. We too, here at Blessed Savior, have adopted this theme for our school year, our Sunday school year, and our theme in general. You too can adopt this theme and take a closer look at what it means to make disciples! As a Christian, YOU are commissioned by God. What a unique experience!

Your commissioning began at the waters of Holy Baptism. It was there that God made you His child. He has granted you faith, abilities, and experiences in life. He has trained you, equipped you, and set you apart for a special calling. The authority of your commission lies in the great "Go, therefore!" of Jesus. You are appointed to be the mouth and hands of Christ to everyone around you. Your work is classified as active service. The message you are to speak has been clearly spelled out in the Scriptures.

The Commissioning Officer has great expectations of you, but He will also be the one to uphold you and encourage you! You get to share the best news that anyone can ever receive, Jesus died to forgive us and rose to give us eternal life in heaven. Thanks be to God that those first disciples answered their call and shared the good news. It is because God equipped them to tell the good news that we know the good news. And we can guarantee that through us the good news will continue until all people know the Good News! So, let's answer the Call and go and make disciples!

In His Service,

Jennifer Leinss

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Quarterly Missions

For our third quarter special missions we will be supporting Mark and Megan Mantey. Mark and Megan currently are serving the Lord in Uganda, Mark as a project manager for the Seminary and Megan as a teacher. Please see the attached prayer card for more information on the Mantey family. May God continue to bless them and use them in big ways as they serve God's people in Uganda.

Fall Bible Study Opportunities

We are THRILLED to welcome you back to Bible Classes this fall! We offer a Bible Class nearly every day of the week, so we hope you are able to find one that fits your needs!

SUNDAY MORNING at 9:15am, join Pastor Stanton for study on the book of Acts, beginning Sunday, September 11th.

TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY at 6:30am, all early birds will study the Gospel of John, led by Mr. Duane Graf in the Fellowship Hall. The first class meets on Tuesday, September 6th.

TUESDAY LADIES BIBLE STUDY at 9am in the Fellowship Hall. Ladies of all ages will be studying various people in the Bible and how they put their trust in God. We will begin on Tuesday, September 6th.

WOMEN'S HOME BIBLE STUDY is held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month in someone's home. For more information regarding this study, please contact Diane Gihring, Kathy Herbst, or the Church Office.

TUESDAY ZOOM BIBLE STUDY at 7pm. If you enjoy the comforts of home while participating in a Bible Study, this is for you! We'll take a longer look at the lessons for the upcoming week beginning Tuesday, September Please contact DCE Jaime Greene at to receive the Zoom link. Our first class is on September 6th.

WEDNESDAY EVENING BIBLE STUDY at 7pm in the Church Library. Mr. Duane Graf will be leading a study on "The Good Shepherd". There is an additional book needed for this study, so please contact Mr. Graf or the Church Office if you plan to attend.

THURSDAY MORNING at 9:30am. Join Pastor Boettcher as he walks us through a study on the book of Psalms in the Fellowship Hall.

MEN'S BIBLE STUDY on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 8am. Mr. Tom Wartick will lead the group through through a study of "Quiet Strength".

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