The Roo Review

Your Adventure Begins Here!

This Week (the madness begins!)

Monday, May 9~
  • STAAR Math Test-3rd, 4th, 5th retest, and 6th
  • Jess' birthday:)
  • Happy Monday! Jeans with Wright shirts!

Tuesday, May 10~

  • Progress Reports go out
  • STAAR Reading Test-3rd, 4th, 5th retest, and 6th

Wednesday, May 11

  • STAAR Science Test-5th
  • Public School Paraprofessional Day

Thursday, May 12

  • 6th Grade Band Trip to Sandy Lake
  • Cici's Night
  • School Board Meeting 7:00- New principal announced
  • Kindergarten Program @ 6:30

Friday, May 13

  • RooFest Special Olympics
  • Happy Friyay!!


Janet Anderson-peacock feathers

Brandy-buying cupcakes to rescue a student's birthday celebration

Lois, Ranae, and Shelley for all the work you do for kids.

Gladys and Martha for the many hats they wear.

Jessica Huffman for always brightening up my Sunday with a count down of school days on her Facebook page. :)

Everyone who helped out at the Tale Gate!

Jen for helping make cotton candy at the Tale Gate.

May Birthdays!

May 9-Jess

May 12-Tina

May 14-Stephanie

May 20-Shelley

May 22-Yanet

May 26-Melanie


Morning Announcements: Rivera/Parks

Character First Trait for May: Wisdom

Mr. Bean - The Exam

A couple of important questions below...

Love and Logic~Take Good Care of Yourself

Loving our children and our students requires that we first take care of ourselves in loving, unselfish ways. That's the First Rule of Love and Logic!

Too frequently, we are led to believe that "good parents" and "good educators" should sacrifice their own needs to serve their children. While this sounds sweet and ever so politically correct, trying to accomplish it leaves our love-reserves depleted:

When our bucket is empty, we have nothing to give.

Love and Logic is not about being narcissistic or selfish, it's about giving kids the gift of patient, encouraging, relaxed, and enthusiastic role models. Listed below are a few quick reminders:

Focus on what you can control.
A sure recipe for disaster involves trying to make kids happy, attempting to make them be good students, trying to make them get enough sleep, ensuring that they pick the right friends, etc.

What we do have control over is what we model, the types of limits we set, and how we respond when these limits are tested.

Set limits to avoid becoming a doormat.
Effective people set limits by describing how they will take care of themselves…not what others should do. For example:
I do the extra things I do around here when I feel respected.
I listen to students when their voices sound calm like mine.
I _______ when I don't have to hear complaining or arguing.

Provide discipline when it's convenient for you…not for the kids.
Avoid falling into the trap of trying to solve problems or provide immediate consequences. Take care of yourself by taking time and handling the problem when you have the time, energy, and support you need.

Refresh your skills at our annual Love and Logic Summer Retreat.
One teacher stated: "Love and Logic really works well when I remember to use it." Living these skills requires constant repetition and practice. I even find myself slipping when I've taken too long a break from learning.

Up and Coming Events

  • 16-18 5th Grade at Camp Grady Spruce
  • 16-19 BOGO Book Fair!!!
  • 17 6th grade band performs at 6:30 at Durant
  • 18 Abydos Training PreK-2, ARD day
  • 19 Abydos Training 3-6 ELA, Maverick Award Day for chocolate sales, Gina the Jewelry Lady, Kanga Crew to Center of Hope
  • 20 Field Day, Spirit Store, Jen at TECH graduation
  • 24 Good Citizen's Breakfast
  • 25 Staff Talent Show 2:00
  • 26 Early Release, Staff Recognition Assembly @ 1:30 WHS
  • 27 Early Release, Report Cards go home
  • 30 Memorial Day Holiday
  • 31 Staff Work Day