40 in 48!!!

Let's get booking and make this a NOVEMBER to REMEMBER!

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Time to turn your HOLIDAY WHY into reality with a plan of action!

So many of you shared your Holiday Why on our team FB page - they are incredible!!! Krystal Finneran wants to pay off her credit card, Julie Kraus wants to make a huge dent in a trip to Italy, and Jen Grizzle is taking her family away from the Alaskan tundra to a tropical, sunny location for a family vacay! :)

If you haven't yet declared your Holiday Why, please download this tracker, fill it out and post on our team page! Accountability is where it's at and we'd love to cheer you on!

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So...NOW WHAT?!!!!

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It's all about the BOOKINGS baby!!!!

The easiest way to reach your Holiday Why sales goal is through booking your little heart out! So - to make this fun as you work to meet all your goals, we are kicking off a 40 in 48!!!!

What is this? As a team we are going to book 40 NEW IN HOME NOVEMBER SHOWS in 48 hours AKA by Thursday night!! Every time we BOOK 10, I'll give away a MYSTERY PRIZE!!!!!! So - FOUR FAB prizes! I'll be updating this poster so you can see our progress and who gets in the draw!

Here's the deal...book a NEW in home November show, enter it into the Lounge and then POST it below under this pinned post! Here are some of the prizes you just might be seeing...

Here are FIVE booking ideas to help you get started!

1. Kick it old school and pick up the phone!

The most tried and true method to booking shows is to pick up the phone and make a personal contact with a past trunk show customer. Or work your WDYK (who do you know list). Don't have a WDYK list or need to refresh your list? Use this memory jogger to come up with some names. Be sure to do a warm up by mail (send the Holiday Look Book), a fun text (make an engravable picture with her name on it or send a celebrity photo or recent press clipping) or FB message AND then follow up to close the deal. Offer 2 dates & a fun holiday theme to get them in the mood!!

Here are some words to say:

Hey Kelly! Was just thinking of you and how much fun it would be to do a Stella & Dot girls' night in with you and your friends! They shop and you get a ton for free - and I promise you that they will thank you from saving them from the mall! Maybe a Sip & Shop Happy Hour on 11/12 or a Baubles & Brunch on 11/15? What do you think?

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2. Hold your own Double Dip show!

As stylists we are allowed to host our own show AND collect Hostess rewards two times per calendar year! Haven't done this TWICE yet in 2015? Then get it in NOW! I love hosting a November trunk show and inviting everyone I know. I use my retired samples as booking tools for Dec/Jan shows (book a show in those two months and pick a sample for free!). It is a NO BRAINER - two bottles of wine, some cheese and then you make commissions AND Hostess rewards!
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3. Book a Black Friday Show!

Save people from the mall! Want to get rid of your left over desserts? There's no better way to avoid calories and to have some sales! Tell your Hostess to invite friends to come over at the end of the day or in the morning - tell them to avoid the malls and the lines. Stella & Dot will be having a Black Friday special, so guests can take advantage of that sweet deal too!
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4. Pick a specific date on your calendar to fill in!

Pick a specific date on your calendar that you want to fill and call 20 people. You will book this date, I promise. Call and say: "November has been so busy and my trunk shows have been off the charts. Ladies are shopping for themselves and for holiday gifts. I only have one date left, November ____ and I thought of you!"
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5. Stella for the Fellas!

Stella for the Fellas! Order some wings and beer and turn on a Sunday football game. Invite the guys over to shop for the ladies in their lives. Before the show, email the ladies with this cute picture and our holiday wish list (below is last years and I'm sure there will be a new one soon in Stylist Lounge) and ask them to send it back to you with their guy's email and phone numbers. Then text or email the gents and say "I'm having the guys over for wings, beer & football and some shopping for the ladies in your life." Offer gift wrapping. You can be the hostess or make it a mystery hostess and one lucky lady wins!
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So what do you say? Ready to blow it up with November bookings to fuel your HOLIDAY WHY? LET'S DO THIS!

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xo, Krista

Krista Demcher - proud leader of the #sdglowingstones