5th Grade News

Upcoming Events

Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 24th Star Wars Day - "May the Force Be With You to Make Healthy


Tuesday, October 25th Wear Red Day - "We are RED-y to Take a Stand!" Lunch with a Loved One (A-M)

Wednesday, October 26th Hawaiian Day - "Lei Off Drugs!” Lunch with a Loved One (N-Z)

Thursday, October 27th Minion Day - "There Are a Minion Reasons to stay Drug Free!”

Family Book Fair Night (4-6 pm)

5th Grade Music Program - 6 pm in cafeteria

Friday, October 28th Character Day- "Say Boo to Drugs!" Boo Roo Class Parties 2:20-3:20 pm

Boo Roo Guidelines

Costumes must be appropriate and masks are not to be worn.

No pretend “prop” weapons such as water pistols, knives, swords, fake blood or gore.

No bare midriffs or revealing clothing.

Any costumes that will disrupt the routine of the day (including PE) will not be allowed; appropriate shoes must be worn.

Administration has the final say on all costumes.

5th and 6th Grade Track Meet

Monday, November 14th (More information to come from Coach Dale)

5th Grade Field Trip

Camp Grady Spruce

December 5th-7th

Math News

Students are in full swing in 5th grade math. Last six weeks they learned about prime and composite numbers, long division, multi-digit multiplication, and also lots of different strategies to use when working on these concepts. Ask them to show you how they multiply and divide...

The TTM Red Carpet is posted, when students complete 10 TTM lessons their avatars join the red carpet. Students are also encouraged to complete a set number of TTM lessons by Thursday of every week to attend our 5th Grade Thrilling Thursday Activity. The upcoming goal for this week is for your child to have completed 10 lessons by Thursday. They can complete these lessons at home or at school.