Estridge Edition

News From Our 5th Grade Classroom 1/29/16

What's Happening in the Classroom

Notes from the Teacher

We are out of classroom dry erase markers. Any donations would be greatly appreciated for the students.

Your child will hopefully get their new AR goals at the end of next week. These point will be due the last day of the grading period (3/18).

Save the Date! The Central Elementary Music program will be Tuesday, April 12, at 7:00 p.m. Mr. Meyer, the music teacher, will send a more formal letter home at a later date.

Cookies and Coffee for Soldiers!

Student Council's next project for February and March:

  • Central School is collecting 1 pound bags of coffee and packaged cookies from Friday, Feb 17-Friday, March 18.
  • The Military Support Group in Indianapolis will box them and prepare all the labels and forms.
  • You can help by donating coffee (1 pound bags of ground coffee) and cookies (packaged varieties of all kinds in boxes or tins).
  • Leave your donations on the table by the cafeteria starting Friday, February 17.
  • Thank you for helping us send the troops a little taste of home!


In math, we will finish Unit 4-Long Division and Fractions. We have one lesson to complete having us creating our own fraction stories. On Tuesday, we will complete and review a study guide in class over unit 4 and have our test on Wednesday. We will skip Unit 5 (surveys) and return to it after Spring Break. We will begin Unit 6-Fractions/Percents/Decimals on Thursday by taking a pre-test and pulling students who need remediation from Unit 4.

In Writing, we will edit our biographies by looking at sentence length, adding quotes, using third person voice, and creating a attractive title for our biographies.

In Language Arts, we will finish Unit 5-Pronouns. Your child will receive a study guide in class which we will review and take the test Tuesday. We will take a break from language lessons after this unit to complete some ISTEP prep work in writing.

In Reading, we will continue Unit 7: Draw Conclusions and Making Inferences. We will explore these reading strategies along with studying the genre of Mysteries.

In Social Studies, we will begin some ISTEP prep by completing some practice ISTEP tests that we will review before taking the test. Your child will also receive a map of all 50 states. This quiz will be on Friday.

Spelling List for This Week


















Des Moines



Dates to Remember

February 12-15-No School

February 29-ISTEP Applied Skills testing window is open (I will notify parents with a schedule as soon as possible)