Baroque Music

How did Baroque music influence music today?


"Baroque" stands for oddly shaped pearl and it is used to describe music during the 19th century. This period is one of the most diverse and rich periods in music history. Bach and Handel are just two of the composers that this amazing era produced.


The Harpsichord is one of the main instruments that really came out during this period. This instrument is said to have produced the first bass line. Bass is something that is in almost all music today. The Violin also became very popular during this time period. The Violin is still used in modern day music. The Flute is just another example of an instrument that became popular during this time and is still used today. As you can see almost all of the instruments used in this period are still used today, showing just the influence that the Baroque period has had on modern life.


Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the more famous composers of this time. He started off as a keyboardist but quickly started composing hi sown music. He is known for writing almost every style of music out there he never had a specific style. George Frederic Handel wrote over 500 concertos. He like Bach he composed almost all music styles. Both of these composers were instrumental in advancing music because they expanded the boundaries of instrument use. They also wrote all styles.
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