The Cat's Connection

May 2015

From the Principal

You wanted to roll out ideas for parents about kids bringing own devices – What kind of devices; identify those best for kids to use. What might parents consider purchasing, or having kids bring if they already have devices? Something to think about over summer. Next year roll out a bit more school-wide.

March Cats of the Month

6th grade - Megan Johnson

7th grade - Desiree Eaton

8th grade - Citlalli De La Rosa

Retired Substitutes

Summer Art Program

Upcoming Events

First-ever Family STEM Night!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Choir Award

Congratulations to our 7th/8th grade choir, which attended the Oregon ACDA All State Middle School Choral Festival and received high marks!

"Snapdragons" Garden Club

LaCreole Middle School is starting a school garden and looking for support. School gardens have many benefits, including educational connections to science, math, health, and art. A school garden helps connect young people to our natural world and the sources of the food we eat. Students are learning to enjoy self-sufficiency, hard work, and wholesome nutrition, among many other things.

Here’s how you can help. LaCreole Snapdragons are looking for the following donations to get started.

  • 190 garden wall stones (12x16x6) for a raised bed to match the small bed we have already maximized.
  • Soil (300 sq. ft.) to fill beds
  • Gravel to aid drainage as the main beds will be on top of concrete
  • Seeds/starts of just about any kind.
  • Garden tools and equipment like rakes, gloves, shovels, push broom, trowels, watering cans, hose/soaker hose, composter, wood stakes
  • Your time, expertise and wise advice
  • Other donations as you see fit to contribute

You are welcome to come by and take a look at our progress. We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Thank you!

LaCreole Garden Club (Snapdragons)

Jason Snider (Club Advisor)

8th Grade Recognition

8th Grade Recognition Ceremony

The 8th Grade Recognition Ceremony for 8th graders who have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above will be held in the Dallas High School main gym Wednesday, June 10, from 6-7 p.m. Appropriate attire for students should be “nice” school clothes. The LaCreole dress code is to be followed: no spaghetti straps or dresses shorter than finger-tip length, etc. While this is an exciting time of transition, we want to remind parents and students that it is not necessary to go to any expense to prepare for this recognition. We strongly discourage any extravagant fanfare as it detracts from the school focus on recognizing the academic achievement of our students. Seating is limited, so we ask that only immediate family members be invited. LaCreole students who do not have siblings participating are asked not to attend as they can send the 8th graders off during the school day as part of yearbook signing. Students not accompanied by an adult will not be admitted. We thank you for supporting our efforts to refocus our attention on academic achievements. If you have questions, please feel free to call the LaCreole Counseling Center at 503-623-6663. Reminder to 8th grade parents: All school fees must be paid by Friday, June 5, in order for your child to participate in recognition.

April Cats of the Month

6th grade - Danny Nguyen

7th grade - Katelyn Engle

8th grade - Hayden Colvin