Save The art's education

a world without art is just eh.

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Save the art education

can you even imagine a world without art or music?

Well some don't even have an art education!

Nearly half of the world doesn't even learn an art education

but we can be the ones to change that by sending money to those parts of the world

so they can afford!

Come Join us in saving the music & Art education every kid needs it.

*in the PBS article it said “Students who study art/music edu. are more likely to be recognized.” and they have a better understanding of things that are going on in life and they have a better chance of getting a job that they love because most the jobs now a days have something to do

according to nafme article, “it would improve their attendance because it would make school fun to go to.” You would have an easier time learning because just by listen to certain kinds of music it’s easier to focus and think just think much easier and much more fun to learn it! And most music can save lives. Life would be dead without music. Just imagine how it would be able to affect the person to be able to understand music The notes.

Negative Reinforcement Brainstorm:

*How it cost a lot of money

*It could make it a longer school

*taking time of your life practicing

*taking up your free time

*not having enough to pay for the extra activities

Positive Reinforcement Brainstorm:

*How it can help students and many other people

*Academic performance


*worth the money

* a good saying


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