Hunting Ridge Hawk Happenings

December 18 . 2020

Stepping into the New Year

This last week of school, the teachers have worked hard to bring some seasonal fun to their classes. At this time we say farewell to 2020, and even though it is bittersweet for some, there is much to celebrate. Together we have accomplished so much and it is important for us to reflect and celebrate. I am very proud of the obstacles we have overcome, and hope that you can see that are students are growing and learning. This winter break we ask for your help to keep your children connected; connected to you, connected to friends, and connected to family. This is especially important this time of year. Keep kids connected to reading by reading with them and discussing favorite stories together.

Respectful Ways is offering these fun family SEL activities that students can do with the whole family to foster creativity, discussion, imagination and growth. Families will get to know each other better and learn a few interesting skills along the way!

Consideration for our return on January 5th

As has been communicated, D15 plans to return to learning on January 5, 2021. The adaptive pause is expected to end and our in-person students will be back at Hunting Ridge. Our virtual students will join class remotely. We will continue to start school at 8:45 AM each day and end at 3:25 PM Monday - Thursday and 2:35 PM on Friday. Student returning should bring back all classroom items, math books, school supplies, reading journals, and Chromebooks.

Parents can expect teachers to take some time re-establishing expectations and reviewing routines. Some of those routines include our attention to health and safety guidelines. Parents will need to self-certify students that are returning to the building. Please call our nurse, Ms. Spears if there are any questions (847-963-5302).

Our students that are returning to the building will need to think about dressing for the weather. Students will go outside for recess following the cold weather plan included. Please make sure that students are dressed appropriately to go outside: layers, coats, hats, and gloves. Students looking to play in the snow when their class has the field rotation will need boots and snow pants. Please remember that a separate bag to keep winter items will help us in the classroom. Kindly label your child's items with their names.

Cold Weather Recess

Students generally go outside for recess every day, so they should be dressed appropriately. Exceptions are made only when a child brings a doctor's note excusing him/her from outdoor recess.

Indoor recess is determined based on the following guidelines:

  • If the temperature outside, together with the wind chill, is below 0°F, all students will remain inside for the entire lunch hour.
  • If the temperature outside, together with the wind chill, is between 0°-10°F, the preferred procedure is a rotation of 20 minutes for lunch, a 20-minute outdoor recess, and a 20-minute indoor recess. However, at the principal's discretion, students may be kept inside for the entire lunch hour.
  • If the temperature outside, together with the wind chill, is above 10°F, students will have regular outdoor recess.

Other considerations in which indoor recess is allowed include the condition of the field conditions (mud, ice) and the presence of precipitation. With January right around the corner, I have also included the Severe Cold Response Plan.

We know this has been a year like no other but we are excited for 2021 and a strong finish for our students. We wish everyone a healthy, safe, holiday and send our best wishes to all for an amazing 2021!

Winter Break Office Hours: 12/21-12/22 8:00 - 4:30PM, 12/28-12/29 8:00AM-4:30PM


Mrs. Ortlund

Important Reminder

Face masks are required to be worn by all visitors to Hunting Ridge school and school grounds. Please remember this for arrival and dismissal times of the day.

From the Office

Families that are moving:

This can be a difficult time for families and the main office would love to help create a smooth transition for students moving to a new school. If you know that you are moving, please contact Mrs. Cefalu in the front office. It is helpful for us to know the last day of student attendance and the new school where students will attend. We can help give families important information to share with the new school.

Changing information:

Please let the office know if there are any changes to contact information or emergency contacts.

Attendance Calls:

Our attendance line phone number is 847-963-5301. When leaving a message about attendance, we ask for your help in leaving a detailed message about the reason for the absence. Please include any symptoms your child might be showing so that our nurse can follow-up with families.

Staying Connected to Reading

We are incredibly excited to share the news of a District 15 and Palatine Public Library collaboration effort to bring our students access to SORA. SORA is a digital library that all of our students will have access to as D15 students. There is no library card needed. If you are familiar with OverDrive, this is basically OverDrive for kids! The SORA app will allow students to check out books from the Digital Library of Illinois using their Google Drive account. After setting up their SORA account, students will be able to borrow audio and digital books to read and listen to for up to two weeks.

The district has created a “Getting Started Guide” for parents. They have also created a district website to inform and support parents and students. The winter break will be a perfect time to use their student Chromebooks to connect with a great book!