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August 21st, 2020

Back to School Information

The first week back to school amidst a pandemic is in the books! Our students have been nothing short of amazing. Students have been so resilient and flexible navigating online learning this week. We are so proud of them. Thank you all for your patience and grace as we navigate through all of the changes this pandemic brings.

Screenings and Return to School Protocols

Please screen your student(s) before sending them to school using these guidelines released from CDE. These guidelines also include return to school protocols. Please do not send your child to school if they are ill or are waiting the results of a COVID test.

Nutrition Services-

We are serving Breakfast and Lunch

2020-2021 Nutrition Services plans and information can be found here.

Please sign and return the following (if you have not already done so):

Bell Schedules and Calendars

Enjoy your weekend...week 2 will be here before you know it!

Attendance Update:

This week we have been working together as a district to determine how to best take attendance during asynchronous/off-campus learning. You may have noticed your student’s attendance marked as AVP (Absent Virtual Participation - Virtual Participation not Verified) or ALA (Exempt-alternative Learning Activity) on their asynchronous/off-campus learning days. Participation, or lack of participation is difficult for teachers to know immediately, as they are teaching in person at the same time. Thus, attendance for off campus learning days will be updated on Wednesday of every week.

As a reminder, it is important for students to attend all of their classes on asynchronous/off-campus days. They need to complete the work for each class in Canvas and submit their assignment(s). The teachers will then use this data to take attendance every week. The teachers at SHS will update asynchronous/off-campus attendance every Wednesday afternoon for the previous week of learning. If your student has not been participating in asynchronous/off-campus learning and submitting their assignments, they will be marked absent. Asynchronous/off-campus learning days count as regular school day attendance and will be included and count towards district attendance policies.

How do I Excuse my Student for an Appointment?

Blue Pass!!!!!

If you are needing to pick up your student at a certain time, Parents/Guardians are more than welcome to call us earlier in the day and we will be happy to deliver a blue pass to your student.

A Blue Pass is a student’s pass out of class. For example, if you have an orthodontist appointment in the afternoon, call the attendance line at 970-833-7105 and leave a message with your child’s name, your name and time you would like your student to be released. The school office will then deliver a "blue pass" to your student. When the designated time arrives, your child may show the teacher the blue pass and can leave class to meet you. They will already be checked out in our system and do not need to check out in the office. Parents/Guardians also do not need to come to the office when a Blue Pass is issued.


To learn more about the athletic seasons beginning in January and CHSAA changes visit the SHS website

If you have athletic questions contact:

Casey Yahn

SHS Athletic Secretary


Twitter: @SilverKnightsAD

2020-21 Yearbooks

Click here to order

Buy now & save...price will go up during the year

Colorado Council Virtual College Fair Week

Who: Any Colorado student can participate, no matter what age, but we highly recommend Juniors and Seniors

What: Virtual College Fair

Where: Comfort of your own home...virtually

When: October 5th-9th (week before Colorado Free Application Day on October 13th)

Information provide during the FREE Colorado Council Virtual College Fair Week:


Virtual Fair Booths


Individual College Information Sessions

Panel Presentations


Student Drivers Don't Forget to get a Parking Permit

CAUTION: Speed limit is 35mph in front of the school/county road 23

German Corner

Herzlich Willkommen in der ersten Schulwoche Silver Knights (Welcome to the first week of school)! I wish you all a very successful and productive year! These are our first days back and this is my first German Corner for the year! I realize this isn’t the very first day of school for you all, but I thought it fitting to begin the year with a bit of German culture. The very first day of school for German first graders (Erstklässler) is a momentous occasion and is a highly ritualized event! Sometimes church services are held, and an informal reception takes place during the first hour of school. Lot of pictures are taken by excited parents peeking into their children’s’ classrooms. This is very much a family event in Germany with extended family present. Kaffee und Kuchen (Coffee and Cake) is a staple after a lunch either in a restaurant or at home. One of the most important things for the child, however, is the “Schultüte”. The Schultüte is a decorated cardboard cone filled with school supplies, sweets, and other goodies to celebrate the occasion. The Schultüte is opened at the child’s home. Some parents make the Schultüte themselves while others buy them ready made from the store. No matter the Schultüte’s origin, it is highly anticipated and coveted by these new students. This 2020/2021 school year is no less exciting for us here at Severance High School. If your loved ones are thinking of a nice school send off, why not encourage them to give you a blue and silver Schultüte? Alles gute Silver Knights and I’ll see you in Deutschunterricht (German class)!

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