Hamid Rahmani

Kuwait,Kuwait city

Airfare cost and schedule

I am traveling from Denver to Washington, DC and then to Kuwait City, Kuwait. My cost for two passengers is $27,370.40. I'm flying on United Airlines and the cost for each passenger is $13,686. I estimate that I will need $100 for food, and reading materials in the airport for each person.

I will depart on Wednesday April 16 at 3:28 pm from the Denver international airport. I will arrive in Washington,DC at 8:53 pm the flight will be at least 3 hours and 25 minutes. After i arrive in Washington, DC i will have to wait 1 hour and 2 minutes and depart on a different plane that is going to arrive in the Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait.



I will be staying in the JW Marriott Hotel Kuwait City Recently awarded Best Business hotel in Kuwait City, the JW Marriott Kuwait is located in the center of the business and downtown commercial district directly connected to the luxurious Salhia Shopping Mall.

I will be booking 2 Club suites that include free breakfast and each suite includes a living room with a satellite TV and a minibar. It also offers access to the Club Lounge.

The price for 1 suite is $711 per night or 200.00 KWD. The Total price for 1 week is $34340.57.

The total price of 2 suites for 1 week each is $68681.14.




There are many things to do in Kuwait such as going to Entertainment City, The Kuwait zoological park (Zoo) , and the Kuwait scientific center. They are all very popular and interesting places.


The Kuwaiti culture, just like many other cultures, takes great pride in hospitality. Guests in people homes are treated with great warmth and respect. Host exhibit their good manners and expect the same back. The Kuwaiti culture takes a great pride in hospitality.

The people of Kuwait are also known for their craftsmanship skills, the boats used for fishing and pearling, being an example of this craftsmanship.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

If you are in Kuwait and you get sick you will not be able to travel, have fun and go sightseeing, 3 ways to avoid getting sick while on a trip are

  1. To think of handwashing as a survival skill always wash your hands
  2. Never touch your mouth, nose, and eyes without washing your hands
  3. Keep a botle of hand sanitizer on the go