Persuasive Essay: New Facility

By Candyce Z.

What kind of facility should we have?

I believe we should have an art facility, for many reasons.

You're able to do much more at an art facility then you think.

There are different types of art. The top two are:

  • Drawing; Coloring, Painting, etc.
  • Musical Arts
You would be able to do a lot of things.

Brooke Penshorn says, "I feel we should have a new art facility, so kids can let free."

  • Through art, you're able to let out stress and emotions
  • And you're able to relieve yourself
People who are and/or feel depressed say that arts helps them feel better.
A study showed that 21% of 8th grade students who took art/music outside of school scored high in math, compared to the 11% who didn't take art/music outside of school and scored high in math.

  • Most people are more engaged in school
  • Most people are more involved in school
  • Student's grades will most likely rise