German Americans


Why did they came to the .U.S.A.

Some came because the government in Germany started to de changed in power. And if you have a running farm you can have the land for free. They also came for jobs , money and land.

First years in America

Some people lived in small houses and apartments many farmers lived in sod houses and other farming families lived in a tran box cars


Where they settled

New York,Pennsylvania ,Ohio,Kentucky, Illinois,Michigan,lowa, Wisconsin,India, South, California ,Georgia, Louisiana and Missouri,Minnesota , North Dakota ,Oklahoma ,Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, California, Washington, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

A tradition that they brought with them is

Oktoberfest is a huge festival that was celebrate in Germany. And Germany Americans in Pennsylvania also had the first Easter egg hunt

Fun facts

The Germans settold in 24 states. Some immigrants pad for ther trip by promising to work for them for three or more years. Some immigrant came cause the government was getting changed in power.