Giant Pyrenees Stands Guard

Over Canine Buddy Hit By A Car


On november 8 Marley and Brian two dogs from dallas escaped from the garage of their owners home.Six hours later one man named Samuel found the two dogs on the side of a road. Marly was laying dead. Brian was standing there guarding him.Samuel brought Brian to No Bully Left Behind an animal shelter. Where the look for identification but could not find anything. Tons of people contacted No Bully Left Behind to adopt Brian. The owner of the two dogs contacted them. He told them how on accident the garage was left open. Marley was one and Brian is three.

My Personal Reaction

I think that it was horrible that the person Who hit the dog did not tell anyone. Brian was such a good friend to stay by Marley. Samuel is a nice person to pick up the dog,most people would keep driving. It was amazing how many people wanted Brian. It was sad that Marley died when he was so little.