By: Emma, Alexa, and Whitney

Are Vitamins and Supplements Effectively Absorbed?

A lot of people think that vitamins are something you take with some food and then your done for the day. That may not be the case.
The first point Diet and Fitness expert Dr. Melina Jampolis said, is that the price of the certain vitamins do not determine the quality of the actual vitamin. There was a study that did that found out some information on vitamins. It found that a lot of higher priced vitamins were among the ones that didn't have all the supplements and vitamin levels that they say they have. A good way to ensure the quality, according to Dr. Melina, is to purchase the ones with a USP or NSF certification. These are organizations that verify vitamins are contaminant free and are made with the best products.
Another subject is that some people crush pills to take them easier. Why that may help the breaking down in the stomach, taking it with milk may interfere with the absorption of some of the nutrients in a multivitamin such as iron, says Dr. Melina. Taking them with juice is a better choice for many reasons. Juice itself has a lot of vitamins like vitamin c and the acid in juice can help with absorption.
There are many other arguments and stories about the absorption of pills. I think the best way to ensure getting the full nutrients out of vitamins would be to just take them in pill form with water, that way your body knows exactly what is going in. Of course when a vitamin is labeled to eat with food you need to do that as well. Make sure you are buying the top quality, top certification vitamin, not necessarily the top brand!

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What Should You Eat When You Have a Sweet Tooth?

When you have a sweet tooth there are things that you can eat that won't only not “harm” you, but may actually be good for you. This article shares several different examples. Dark hot chocolate is a good thing to drink when you are craving something sweet. Chocolate contains lots of chemicals that affect brain activity. Chocolate has very small amounts of the chemicals which make a little chocolate good for you, and your brain! Chocolate also has lots of antioxidants that help lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease and cell damage. When trying to “cure” a sweet tooth with chocolate make sure you buy dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa. Extra cream and sugar will eventually rule out all of the good thing the right amount can do!

Another good example is apple cider. Is is sweet and the apples make it helpful for your body. Many people have done studies on what apples give you, health wise. many of those studies have shown that apples help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and asthma. These health perks in apples is what make apple cider a good choice when trying to make a sweet tooth go away.

This article gives great information on why things that most people stereotype as bad for you, can be good for when the healthy amounts are eaten. Eating right is very important for your health. No one can help an occasional sweet tooth, so here are good ways to “cure” your sweet tooth, and the facts on why and how! Don’t go and eat whatever you want, read this article and find things you would enjoy.

Five Tips for a Healthy Heart

Your heart is what keeps you going. Without it being there to pump blood and stuff we would be dead. It is very important to keep your heart healthy. This article shares 5 great tips that will improve your heart!
The five tips in the article are; keep your weight in check, east healthy fats, eat lots of vitamin c, eat garlic and onions, and take supplements. You need to keep your weight in check because your weight is around 70% of your health. Being overweight slows your body down and enables you to do certain things, and being underweight causes you to be weak and also enables you to do things. Eating healthy fats is important because it helps your cholesterol and it helps you maintain a healthy weight when you eat the right amount. Vitamin C builds up your immune system and helps prevent high-blood pressure. In order for your body to stay healthy you need a good, strong immune system! Eating garlic and onions is great for fighting off things like heart disease. Also they are really easy to add to everyday meals! Lastly it is very important to take supplements especially if your levels are low. Supplements just give you more of the stuff you need! The more the merrier! Having a healthy heart is very important to being an overall healthy person. These are five easy things that if done daily will make a huge difference on your heart’s health. Which in return make a difference on your health!