The Fire Next Time


Main Arguments

1) White People- Baldwin asses Elijah's belief that White People are devils, and explains that he doesn't agree with this because he has white friends that he enjoys and likes.

2) Segregation- Baldwin is not for segregation, he believes that having a separate society and economy from whites is not possible at all. He wants whites to realize that blacks are equal.

3) Religion- Baldwin expresses his unsatisfaction with Christianity. He argues that Christianity was built on imperialism, tyranny, and blood shed. He also explains how religion was meant to save him from the streets of Harlem, and how the church was one of the few ways out.

Social Media Connection

This video shows the crime, violence and poverty in Harlem that Baldwin addresses.
Most Dangerous Neighborhood In New York...Harlem

Rhetorical Devices

Baldwin uses the repetition of the words "in every" to make the reader understand how inescapable sin is in Harlem.

He uses italics and rhetorical questions to show the reader his conflicting emotions and thoughts with the church.

He uses anecdotes, specifically historical ones, to show the irony of Christianity.