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Opposing the Mexican American war April 25, 1846


Hello fellow citizens of Mexico, my name is Francisco Marquez I am a cadet. In Mexico City i study at a military school. I'm handing out this notice for everyone in the country because it is very important that everyone gets involved with this. We're talking about fighting for our country and to avoid any violence in war. I refuse to let anyone be slaves and have the Americans take over our land to expand it for a possible slave territory. We can't let the Americans take war on us. PLEASE join me and many other citizens on April 25th, 1846. Information on where and times will be listed down below.

Fighting for our country seminar

Monday, April 27th 1846 at 4-8pm


Royse City, TX

Come join us if you'd like to fight for your country bring friends and family. If you know anyone that will benefit us invite them! Thank you fellow citizens of Mexico.

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If you have any questions or would like any further information please contact me any way convenient for you.