when i die mumify me

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moved. How did these later shoddy, ungenuine pyramids vary from the earlier masonry pyramids? The inner structure of these later pyramids is totally different from the great older pyramids. The later ones have the normal spacious passages, offering rooms and other funerary features found in both earlier and later tombs. There is not the slightest doubt that these later pyramids were built to serve as tombs, and nothing but tombs. Can you tell me a brief chronology of the pharaohs responsible for the ten pyramids? The Pyramid Age started with the Pharaoh Zoser who left his identification in the underground chambers, and later built the Step Pyramid on top. However, the other nine pyramids are totally void of ANY official inscription. They have been attributed to specific pharaohs based only on some nearby buildings and tombs, which indirectly refer to these pharaohs’ names, but not as the builders of these pyramids. Pyramid Pharaoh Dates

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