The Opium War

A War Between Britain and China

The Reasoning

During the mid-nineteenth century, Britain tried to make trade with China. The Chinese only accepted silver from the British in trade for their natural resources, causing widespread tension between the two nations. Eventually, they took advantage of China's want of Opium. They started to trade for Opium, which is an addictive drug made from the juices of the poppy seed.

The MiddleGround

During the Opium War, there was many conflicts that increased tension furthermore. In March, 1839 the Chinese Empire destroyed about twenty thousand pounds of opium. This angered the British Empire. The British were not the good guys here though. The British were implying to the Chinese that their culture and customs were just overall better. They started sinking Chinese stations and ports. The British soon invaded ports with their navy.

The Conclusion

The war concluded on August twenty-ninth, when the Treaty of Nanjing was signed by the Chinese. The Chinese were almost forced to comply due to how superior the British navy was compared to the Chinese. The Chinese had to surrender an island to the British, pay for everything they destroyed, and to open more ports for trade. This soon caused other nations to demand for the same, which was commonly accepted.