Football injuries

Marc Sotelo


Did you know that 96% of NFL football players are tested positive for brain damage. The majority of people who play football are risking the chance of damaging their own brain by getting a disease called cte and not even knowing about it.

Did you know that 96% of dead NFL players are tested positive for having a CTE. And 76% of high school kids are also positive for having cte and neither of them realize they have this disease.
The movie concussion is based of a true story, and it talks about how concussions lead to getting cteand that is a permanent injuries. And you get these types of injuries by taking o many blows to the head

which can end your life.


- taking multiple blows to the head

-The human head can take 60 pound of force to the head

-In a football game a straight blow to the head could possibly be over 100 pounds of force.

I get advise from a close friend to the East side memorial football team who takes care of all injuries that happen at practice and at games. he also tells us to tell him if we are experiencing any type of pain especially if our head hurts.

These are signs of concussion.

-if your ear are ringing

-if you can't remember something from like 5 seconds ago

-and just your mood if you can't control yourself actions

-and your brain starts hearing certain things that only you ca hear