What's in your milk?!

Free workshop on dairy & alternatives

Come talk about milk and explore your options

Join this free workshop and learn why conventional milk may not be so good for you, and what YOU CAN do about it.
We will explore what's really in cow's milk and dairy products, and talk about how to choose what's BEST FOR YOU. You will learn about your options and receive recipes to take home! All this awesome information will be followed by a FOOD DEMO on How to make your own milk alternatives, and healthy COOKIES to go with it!

What's in store for you

10am: Let's talk about milk!
10:30: Nut milk making demonstration & nutritional benefits
11am: Organic Fair trade coffee and Almond Hot Chocolate will be served for sampling (by donation)

Dairy alternatives Workshop

Thursday, Jan. 30th 2014 at 10-11:30am

IHN - 18 Winford Dr, North York

~ FREE! ~ BYOCup ~ Hot drinks by donation~
RSVP by e-mail: vi.schu@gmail.com to get a FREE COOKIE!

Who's calling?

Eve is a Holistic Nutritionist, Permaculturist, and a homesteader by birth! She is committed to healing from the inside out, and from the ground up. By educating people about our relationship to the Earth we stand on, Eve hopes to promote healthy, abundant and happy relationships with our bodies and the Environment (: