Concentration Camps

Haris Rahim Academic 2

Have you ever been in a concentration camp? Since your alive to read this, I'm guessing not. Concentration camps are really dangerous. The camps are REALLY scary. Trust me, you don't wanna go there.

First of all, concentration camps are dangerous. Young and elder Jews were put in gas chambers where they were murdered. Middle-aged Jews were given little food and were beaten. Secondly, concentration camps are extremely scary. Most families were broken up and family members usually never saw each other again. What is scarier than never seeing your family again and being taken away to some place that can potentially kill you?

Concentration camps are HORRIBLE. They are extremely dangerous. In addition the camps are outrageously scary. These things murdered many people. You can't even imagine how bad they were. People were starved and beaten. Thank goodness we don't have any today!