A Journey through Perseverance

By: Gianna Vittori


Perseverance is when someone really wants to achieve a goal and won't stop even if there is difficulty while they're trying to achieve a goal of theirs. When someone perseveres they want to achieve something that will help them get better like a job, or that will help them do something they love like a sport. When people persevere for a job it means they want to get a bigger pay or they want to be big in the company that they work at. When someone perseveres to do something they love like a sport they keep practicing at that sport until they reach perfection at the sport that they love.

Rose from ashes of roses & The losing to win video

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Chinese Cinderella

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A Mango Shaped Space

One problem in a Mango shaped space is Mia is failing in math and science because she canon match he colors to the letters and numbers. The solution is she gets a tutor to help her Another problem is that she tells her best friend that she can see colors and her best friend gets mad at her for not telling her sooner. The solution is that her friend feels bad that she got mad at Mia so she apologizes.

She tells someone in her grade that Mia can see colors. The solution is that the kids in her grade did not make fun of her they thought it was cool that she could see colors.

Her cat dies and she can't see her colors anymore. The solution is she finally gets over her cat dying and she can see her colors again and is very happy.


Winston Churchill was called a liar because people did not be leave him about something when he got it wrong. But everyone makes mistakes at some point. Winston Churchill got thrown out of the Government of London and he got right back to the top after adversity kept pushing him down and never let anything stop him from reaching his goal. When Churchill was younger he was a soldier in the war and he got captured by the other side and was in an life or death situation but he escaped from the other side and returned to his home where he wrote a book about his experience about being captured.

Lauren Hill

Lauren faced a lot of adversity's in her life because she got the brain cancer and only had a few months to live.Her dream was to play basketball and to raise money to help the kids like her with brain cancer so they can live a happy and heathy life.Lauren was all about giving to the people and putting them before her.She was a role mottle for kids and adults of all ages.She taught us that nothing you put your mind to is impossible and to keep reaching for your goals even is you fall you just get right back up and keep on trying.