Career/Job Change Process

By: Corey Lagle

Tips for Planning Career Change.

1: Investigate likes and dislikes in the careers. - When going into a new job or career look for pro's of the career you want to go to. And then the con's of the career your going to.

2: Research your Career- Looking up the company online and see what they do. So that way when you get ready to apply you can be aware of the company history and what they do.

3: Transferable skills- Transfer to a career that has some of the knowledge and experience you had at your old career.

4: Gaining Experience- If you get a part time job or volunteer you can gain experience in that career field. If you do either in that company then the company will have more interest in you.

5: Flexible: Be easy going on what ever happens in the career change. Be positive and upbeat, but be prepared for set backs. If you flex a little you may do better in your career change.

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USA News Tips for Career Change

1: Networking- Build connections with other employees in the company. If you have ties in the company then you will have a easier time getting into the company.

2: Don't be afraid to ask questions- When you do your career change ask the employer what to do. Have them show you what is expected. Don't stress yourself and stand there wondering.

3: Build Your Team: Doing a career change is very stressful. Sometimes you can get down and out. So have family and friends that you can turn to. With them you have support that can build you and keep you going. When things are not going your way.

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