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Fifth Grade Festivities

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Scrabble Day: QUIRKY JACKOLANTERN 47 pts.

Dear families and friends,
As we head into the 2nd Marking Period, I'd like to take a minute to say thank you for all of your support at home. We have been busy tackling new concepts and practicing a wide array of skills. Your children are a truly wonderful group. Enjoy these student articles and pictures!
~Mrs. Scherr

Important Dates

November 2nd - 20th:

  • iRun4Life Sneaker Challenge

November 10th - 19th:

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive: mustard, ketchup, cooking oil, pasta , olives, peanut butter

November 17th:

November 18th:

  • Home & School Association Meeting - 7:00 PM

November 19th - 20th & 23rd - 24th:

  • Kindergarten Conferences
  • No Kindergarten Classes

November 20th:

November 23rd - 24th:

  • Early Dismissal for Grades 1st - 6th
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 25th - 27th:

  • Thanksgiving Holiday - No School

Morning Meeting

During Morning Meeting this month, we introduced our new friends, Akhil and Anastasia! Akhil and Anastasia are new, and we wanted to introduce them to YOU! Morning Meeting begins with the greeting. My favorite is 1, 2, 3, 4… where a student does their best dance move while we say good morning to them. It’s a fun way to start our day! Right now, the VIP (Very Important Person) is sharing a bit of their culture or a family tradition by bringing in an artifact a.k.a. something from home. Finally, we do an applause for the VIP like Roller coaster. Morning Meeting is really "greeting" all the fun! ~Katie


Reading has a strong connection to morning meeting through our first theme. During Theme 1: Common Ground we read fiction and nonfiction pieces about wide variety of people. We also practiced many helpful strategies. Two key strategies are determining the most important information, and using text evidence to make inferences.

Reading Olympics meeting dates for November:

Mrs. Vanvreede/Mrs. Bucher: November 19th

Mrs. Duffy/Mrs. Wallace: November 13th, November 20th, November 27th

Mrs. Walls: November 12th

Mrs. Rothman/Mrs. Moore: November 18th


Peace Valley Field Trip


Fifth grade celebrated our Halloween party on Friday, October 30th where we made awesome apple cider with Mrs. Scherr’s dad. We really “grinded down” and had fun! ~Ben

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November's Responsibility Lunch Bunch

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Race for Education

Recently we have had many special events. In the Race for Education on Friday, November 6 we went outside to get active and honor all of our sponsors that donated money to Titus. Mrs. Scherr and Ashley really bent over backwards for donations! ~Ben

Room 508 Birthdays

We have been busy celebrating birthdays. Happy Birthday to…


Unit 3 is complete! In Mrs. Scherr’s math class we love to measure, especially when it is part of a relay. We’ll run “miles for measuring!” We’ve studied angles, polygons, tessellations, lines and line segments. We also enjoy standing on our chairs when we finish challenging problems. “Mrs. Scherr really makes math fun!” Rebecca says enthusiastically. ~Ben

Veteran's Day

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