Charles Perrin Tulsa

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Charles Perrin Tulsa: Petrochemical Boom Times

The drop in the price of crude oil hit the oil and gas industry in Texas very hard during the early part of 2015. As of early June, the numbering of functioning oil and gas rigs is down by more than five hundred from the same period one year earlier.

As hard a hit as the exploration and production side of the industry is taking, there is a silver lining at petrochemical facilities, which are seeing boom times because of low natural gas prices. The Potential Gas Committee, which assesses the recoverable natural gas resource base in the United States, is estimating that there are now more than two and a half trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural gas.

In just one Texas Gulf Coast county there are about thirty-one billion dollars in petrochemical facilities under construction, or planned for construction in the near future. The building of these facilities means boom times for the construction industry, too: forecasters expected them to create nearly twenty thousand jobs, many of the direct construction jobs and many more in indirect, construction-related jobs.

These new petrochemical facilities include an ammonia production facility, a propane dehydrogenation plant, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas terminals. Analysts believe this could be a longtime economic boom for the petrochemical industry in Texas.

Charles Perrin is the owner of Rockford Energy Partners, LLC, a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company engaged in the acquisition, exploitation and drilling of oil and natural gas. The company was founded in 2002, in a partnership between Perrin and Quantum Energy Partners. The company was formed with its primary focus on acquiring long-life gas reserves in the mid-Continent and in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle area.