Safety Online

Strong Passwords

You will have to have a strong password for the internet for your laptop so then you won't get people going on it and hacking you and then taking all your pictures and music and videos it could even take your idenity for your computer so then the person who is hacking you will have your computer idenity and it will be able to have your programs and everything the best thing to do for not getting hacked is have a unique password don't put your name because it will be easy for them to hack you and it is the same for emails.

Wireless Conection

When you have a wireless connection at home if it isn't secure then you will have someone on the same wireless connection as you so then whatever website you will be on then the person that is on the same connection will be on the same site and could be watching you go on that site and typing your email in and password and then he might try the same to his computer so then he will be on yours and he will be sending people horrible messages and you won't even know about it.

A Virus Protection

A good virus program or protection then you will have firewall and any other thing on it then you won't get messages sometimes on your computer that say you have won something but you will still get advert on the website that your on just no pop ups then you will not get hacked.


If you have a mobile phone on you and you have bluetooth on it because some phones don't have bluetooth you might as well switch it off because people have hacking stuff to hack phones and you might be one of them one day. the best thing to do is to have a password for your bluetooth if you know how to set up a bluetooth password then you will be fine.

Online gaming

When you are on the internet and you have just found a game site that is like you can sign up for free and if you been on there before then go on it but if you have and it is a pop and your virus protection says it a virus and you click on it then you will have a virus not only that you will someone hacking into your files soon you will be missing things and you will seeing cross on your screen and your virus protection can't do anything because your virus protection has been hacked when you when on the website that you shouldn't have been on it and then your computer will break and will go off and won't turn back on because you went on that website that the virus protection told you not to.

Social Networking Sites

When you have a social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and Bebo. When you have passwords for them you can go on it all the time but now and again people hack all different kinds of social networking including Facebook and Twitter. So you will need to put your sercrity on it because when you are on Facebook you have at the top right hand corner and it says account and then you have three things to choose from you have privicy settings and then you have account settings and then log out. you click on privicy settings to make some people look at your status and profile you can friends you click on friends.

Online Shopping

When you have a account for ebay and amzon they both take paypal and paypal is safe but you have to have a strong password so then no one can get your account details then you will probably get an email from ebay saying that you have someone buying lots of stuff ad you don't have any money left that could happen if you don't have a strong password for paypal or any other sites.