Cigarettes: You take my breath away

Dangers of smoking

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You take my breath away effects of Smoking on your lungs

Smoking causes inflammation in your lungs. You’re likely to first feel tightness in your chest, wheezing and shortness of breath. As inflammation progresses, you develop permanent scar tissue and other changes to your lungs and airways that can make breathing more and more difficult.

Smoking also permanently destroys the tiny air sacs, or alveoli, in the lungs that allow for oxygen exchange. This damage leads to the lung disease called emphysema, which causes severe shortness of breath and even death. Smoking is also the top risk factor for lung cancer.

Years of lung irritation can give you a chronic cough with mucus. Because smoking also harms the cilia, or tiny hairs lining your airways meant to clear lungs of mucus and debris, it also raises your risk for colds and respiratory infections.

Be smart don’t start.Effect of smoking on the brain

Nicotine in Cigarettes is reson it so hard to stop. Your brain develops an adiction to nicotin so creates extra nicotine receptors.

When you quit
The brain goes through withdrawal and sends out messages you feel as cravings. Despite the urge to smoke that you will feel at first, you can re-wire your brain. In just a few weeks, those extra nicotine receptors will be gone, making it easier to stick to your quit plan.

Effects of smoking on the Muscles and Bones

less blood and oxygen flow to your muscles, which then tire more easily. You may have more aches and pains than people who don’t smoke.

Smoking also affects the normal bone rebuilding process. You’re less able to make healthy new bone tissue, and existing bone tissue breaks down more rapidly. Over time, you’re likely to experience bone thinning and a loss of bone density osteopenia and osteoporosis.