Language, Love, and Lullabies...

Connect your students to international tenderness!

Elementary ESL students can benefit from a variety of modern, single, and traditional nursery rhyme choices in their classrooms: both in print and online.

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Don't Forget to look ONLINE (for the mice in the room)!

(Above) This classic from England can be downloaded in nine different languages at the following address:

Ivimey, John W. (1900). Three blind mice. Illus.. by Walton Corbould. Frederick Warne & Co.: London. Retrieved from

Joyeux reading!

More international rhyme!

Check out This website offers rhymes and music from around the world, ordered by English alphabet.


Wright, Blanche Fisher. (1916). [Illustration for alphabet song]. Rand McNally & Co.: Chicago. Retrieved from Mama Lisa's World: International music and culture.

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