First Time Diners Guide

By: Erica Isley

When Seated:

  • Wait to be seated
  • When at the table put napkin in your lap
  • Listen to specials
  • Wait for server to take your drink order

What is a la carte?

A la carte is a different price for each item on the menu.

What is a la mode?

A la mode is putting ice cream on something.

Getting Your Server's Attention:

You should make eye contact and make a gesture to let them know you need them. If your server isn't in the dining room ask another server if they can find them.


Gratuity is giving your server a tip for how well they took care of you. You should add it to the total and leave it on the table unless they have a pay tray.

Finished Eating?

  • Place your silver wear parallel to each other at the top of your plate.
  • Lay your napkin in the center of your plate.

Other Things You Need to Know:

  • Do not chew with your mouth open or talk with your mouth full.
  • Keep your napkin in your lap.
  • Say please and thank you.
  • Use appropriate meal conversation.
  • Leave your elbows off the table.