Teen peer pressure

By:Jordan Chasteen

What is peer pressure?

When someone is influenced to do something that they normally wouldn't do, or when someone is stopped from doing something they would like to do. Normally this is done because the person in a situation where they want to be accepted.


Drugs and alcohol are the biggest concern of peer pressure. 70% of teens that smoke have friends that smoke which is most likely a result of peer pressure.Only 10% of teens said that they have not been influenced by peer pressure. 28% of teenagers agreed that giving in to peer pressure improved their social standing.

Don't let your peers get to you!

More peer pressure

Normally , in a peer pressure situation you choose to go with the crowd but that's not always a good thing. Peer pressure also referred to as social influence can make you adopt to a specific type of behavior such as how you dress, act, or you attitude. If you are or have been a teen you have most likely been affected by your peers.


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