Tissue Types

Epithelial, Connective, Muscular, and Nervous

Epithelial Tissue

Epithelial tissue cells are tightly packed together to form a protective layer for the outside of our body, inside surfaces of our body, and the lining of cavities, tubes, ducts, and blood vessels. It is also the main type of tissue in glands.

Why is Eplithelial the best type of tissue for its function and location?

Since Epithelial tissue is so tightly packed it offers more protection for the inside and outside surfaces of our body. If a loosely packed group of cells created the outside tissue of our body then our skin would not be able to protect our bodies, and it would easily break. It is also essential that the glands in our bodies are made from tightly packed and rigid tissue so that it can protect the hormones before excretion.

More Tissues

connective, muscular and nervous (from top to bottom)

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